I feel like I'm stuck on repeat a bit here but yet again I find myself fighting to keep my voice and shuffling off a nasty virus. I'm not sure how long I can keep blaming it on stress... Some of it has to be work environment! Thankfully though the notes do seem to be returning, slowly but surely breaking through the cloud like some determined sunbeam!

Scotland was a mixed bag, not unlike trail mix... I'd go from playing to an oblivious and indifferent audience to performing for a rowdy and very much involved crowd so my mood tended to reflect the roller coaster ride and poor Ben had to put up with a lot of self-doubt. Imagine my disappointment at the flagship gig being cancelled with less than 24 notice... So after that exhausting and costly headache I'm back in Devon recuperating, working hard and reflecting on just how damn nice the Edinburgh folk are - they gave me free cake!

I'm hoping my voice returns in time for the palladium gig as it'd be nice to sing some of my favourites again and not have to keep playing it safe! I've got lots of wild ideas for the next year, a different musical avenue has sprouted in my mind so I might try something adventurous, largely for my own amusement, when I've got some free time but don't worry as ever there's the dream of a new album and it IS coming. It might be less packaged than the last endeavour but it's bound to cheer us both up and hopefully it'll reawaken that magic that's been missing lately.

 I'm keeping the faith


Rose x




What a rollercoaster of symptoms this term has been! Somehow (I'll show you how) I managed to claw my voice back just enough to complete Friday's gig at the Jack Russell in Swimbridge but good grief what a week!

It all started on the last day of term... well actually it probably started weeks before 

as I'd literally only just shaken the last virus that throttled me a la launch but anyway on Thursday I felt my voice going. Now usually it gets wobbly, squeaky, and low but normally I can just about get a tune out of it. Not this time. Not even close so I stopped talking Thursday night - much to the amusement of Ben - and continued in silence until 6pm the next day - much to the amusement of Ben's family who had to put up with my mute-rudeness at a Good Friday lunch....

A quick google search had revealed utter rest, no whispering was a very VERY good idea along with 'harnessing the power of steam' and drinking lots of water cue lots of strange selfies of me towel-a-fied bent over the hob. Have to say though it did get my through and I had a lovely night with Del, Paul, Kev, Julie and just about everyone in swimbridge! The pub was packed and no wonder, the pizza was IMMENSE! Wonderful people, lovely atmosphere = a very forgiving audience. Thank you Jack Russell you made my Easter :)

On other news, after 6 years of entries and scribbles I have finally finished volume two of my lyric books! The first entry was on July 7th 2010 and the last 27th of March 2016 and a quick tally reveals around 155 songs in here, 25 of which have been professionally recorded - and I complain when I get a dry spell.... It's quite mind boggling when I think about it actually, there's still a lot of stories crying out to be heard so I'd better get my butt in gear in the coming year! In the meantime though I need to find another old book for the next tome...

Rose x

Now I'm pretty sure all Friday's are good by default but "Good Friday" should be even better than usual - okay this is border lining on arrogance here - as I'm heading for Swimbridge's Jack Russell to deliver some candle lit tunes. It feels like the first time in a long time that I won't be pushing Time! How refreshing :) I'm very much looking forward to renewing some old tunes and seeing what comes out.

We are getting very close now to my up-country-trek to Scotland which is becoming something of an annual event and I'm getting more and more excited. You know it's a holiday when your packing list includes a dressing gown and jelly... I should stress though it's a lot more than just a holiday, it's also a mini-tour which is just what the doctor ordered for me to reconnect with my music. I definitely feel like we've been straying lately from each other so I'm hoping the road will be the cure to our indifference. For the first time in what feels like yonks I've been writing again, all angsty nonsense of course but it's a start; come to think of it the lines have come in the car so there you have it, it's a sign! Roll on Scotland...

Easter ends with a gig at the Convent which avid readers (wink) will recall is where I recorded Time. I'm hoping to return without a kidney infection this time and to be able to drink something other than Cranberry juice and southern comfort! I'm also looking at some new covers and breathing life into some old friends so hopefully that'll be a night to remember. Big thank you to Max actually, your words of encouragement are helping me get back on track :-)

That's pretty much all that is going on at the moment and as you can tell my head is full of deadlines, set lists and interventions. I'll check in just before the long drive North X


Rose xx