Yes! I have turned 30! How amazing is that? Now I'm pretty sure the majority of people lately have thought me to be bizarre on account of wanting to celebrate the fact 

I am ten decades old... there is currently a helium balloon floating above my monitor... Some have wanted to make me feel as ancient as the granite on the moors but honestly I really don't feel like that. It feels like number that has no bearing on who I am or where I am in life. I don't feel particularly connected to it and it hasn't changed me and on a more personal level I am completely shocked and grateful that I have gotten this far in life. You need only listen to a few tracks of mine to hear that there have been dark times - I was recently completely taken back by the fact that of all the tracks I kept sending BBC Introducing they played one that was largely about suicide...maybe they didn't know it was ;) But hey this is the time, this is the place for dusting off. I've been listening to a lot of the lyrics floating about the airwaves these days and it definitely seems to be a time of acceptance; of anxieties, imperfections if only we could accept time? No not my album :D (inside joke). I know I'm coming across as a pretentious arse but I think I make a good point there and it is time we all accepted time and change - although nothing will stop me moisturising religiously, I do not have to accept the ravages of time through a lack of self care :D he he So that's my deep and heavy thoughts on turning 30 man, now onto the good stuff...

I've been busy! I'm really focusing in on music at long LONG last. I've had a string of strike-outs job-wise and a few health wobbles as a result but now what with embracing who I am and change and what not I have realised the universe has been trying to beat me into submission and get me on the right path. Point taken universe, please retract club... so as you may have seen more buttons are appearing in the menu and more strings are appearing on the bow so to speak and I have to say I am loving life! I have lots of gigs coming up, so many so my own impending wedding seems to of taken a back seat with plans! It's great though and I'm feeling more inspired than ever and this wonderful February sun is certainly helping sustain the optimism.

The biggest date for the calendar at the moment is the Johnny Cash & June Carter Tribute evening at The Plough Arts Centre of April 12th 2019 as I am literally pouring everything I've got into getting that set sparkling. I've tallied it up and so far there are 6 brand new tracks on the set, compared with last years in October. I feel like we're developing a good range of the Cash/Carter repertoire and I'm determined to make it an unforgettable evening. Johnny & June have meant so much to me and their music truly does live on and I can't wait to share with you all what we've been working on. Click here for tickets: Johnny Cash Tribute Tickets

So there you have it, I shall waffle no further as I watched Monty Python & The Holy Grail last night so I am in full waffle's dangerous.

Take care and thank you, as always, for your continued love and support - and for listening on Spotify because it keeps this website up and running!

Love to you all,

Rose x

Where to start! 

As you might've guessed I've been super busy over the summer and now into autumn and I finally have a spare moment to share with you what's been going on - although I'm sure you know already!

Let's start with Johnny Cash - always a nice way to start a sentence - so I've been working with Ian Holleran on a Johnny Cash & June Carter tribute act after a lightening bolt moment last Christmas of, "we both like Johnny Cash...we've both always wanted to do a tribute to him...hang on a minute!" So since the beginning of the year we've been rehearsing and now have several awesome gigs under our belt. We had a fantastic time at The Plough Arts Centre and were chuffed to bits to sell out the gallery. It was a great night with a lovely vibe and we particularly enjoyed singing 'Daddy Sang Bass' with audience participation! We're happy to announce we will return to the Plough next year on the 12th of April- this time in the main auditorium WOOP! - and tickets are available now from 

We've got a few dates between now and then where we'll be testing new material and just generally having a darn good time so keep checking our facebook page for the most up to date info :)

So aside from that what have I been up to? Finishing my brand new album of course! And I honestly could not have done it without Leigh at The Ariel Studios, Ilfracombe. It was a bit of a push to get it ready by the launch (as I neglected to mention I was off on tour about 3 weeks before the deadline) but in the end it all worked out perfectly and I have an album I am truly proud of. There are so many lovely things to say about it - vain ain't I? - so I'll try and paraphrase but I have some lovely men featured on the album including my good friend Mike Lake singing a song my father wrote (and I finished) called 'Who I am'. For years I have wanted to record that song and get it out there so that the whole world can hear something of my Dad and I feel completely humbled by the experience of hearing Mike sing it (and then Ian at the launch). It seems to be growing in popularity which I just know Dad would love so thank you for all the lovely comments about it, may Mr Danny Ball never be forgotten ;) As you may of guessed the percussive talents of Ian Holleran are also on this album, listen closely to the galloping rhythm of 'Here' in wonder - as I did! Ian is one of the most modest musicians I know and truly incredible so it was an honour to have him on 'Dust Off.' Last but not least I should mention the clapping talents of my fiancé Ben on 'Button' - we finally got you on an album Ben! Haha 


Finally I should mention my autumnal tour in the North of the UK which took me to Liverpool, Edinburgh and Northumberland the latter of which I'd never seen before. It was a beautiful tour that admittedly did kick off which a mandatory trip to Alton Towers... [The Wickerman is awesome, Nemesis my old friend you are still brilliant]... I had some lovely audiences, some hilarious introductions - shout out to Leith Folk Club - and really did experience some wonderful hospitality: I have so much love for Cheviot Folk Club. The tour taught me a lot about myself and where I am in my life which I have to admit I didn't expect. I've come away from it buzzing and more confident than ever in what I do. A lecturer in college once said when they looked at me they could see that music was my life, music was everything, and I think that's something I have at times pushed aside but it's sprung back and it guiding my into the future and I have to say, life is so much easier when you focus on what you enjoy!

I finished the tour officially with the launch of Dust Off, which I realise is like doing a tour backwards but go with it... Thank you to everyone who came to St. Anne's Chapel as it really felt like we shared a truly special moment. I can honestly say it was the greatest launch I have ever had for an album and the love in the room was immense. I met a man at the end of the night who said the evening had been hugely positive and I'd managed to keep that going throughout the set. What a compliment! I was aiming for that so that's great to hear. I wanted us all to walk away from that chapel and feel uplifted and you all helped make that possible. 

So there you have it, sorry I waffled on for so long but it's been a while. Hopefully I won't leave it so long next time! Thank you all again, I am always amazed when I step out on a stage and see so many familiar faces. Your continued support is incredible and I will keep making music for you! 

Rose xxxx

Happy Canada Day everyone! 

No matter how many times I celebrate it with my lovely friend Brenda, it never gets tired and it always reminds me how many amazing musicians out there are Canadian. Speaking from my own obsessions, I love a bit of Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette (forever my inspiration), Loreena McKennit, Sarah McLachlan I mean the list just goes on and on and on really! And that's just the music! Let us not forget the amazing mounties, maple syrup, mountains, Brendan Fraser ugh I mean really what's not to love about Canada?

So I learnt a few covers for my set - I sing some songs every year at this amazing gathering - and finally after all this time, after all the suggestions, hints, emails I took everyone's advice and listened to Joni Mitchel. Wow. I mustered my way through a case of you... I think it was alright but next time it'll be better ;) Canada day also gave me the chance to cover some Rita McNeil, whom I grew up listening and trying to sing along to. I continue to be blown away by her voice but the music just stirs something, hope I can make music like that some day!

So I've had a grand ol' time despite a very bizarre week of tough choices. I recently had to leave a job as I need to work part-time (something about creative types...we seem to self-destruct via anxiety if we don't have enough time to roam free) so after 2+ years I walked away from working in a school and last week was my first day of my new job in a care home. I was excited and really liked the thought of really feeling like I was making a difference but after one day - I know right - overwhelmed by the paperwork and somewhat rigid schedule I just knew it wasn't going to work. I'd only had to walk away from a job once before and in that case it was because the GCSE class that dominated my timetable had taken it upon themselves to destroy the contents of my bag and classroom.... In other words it was a far more obvious reason. This time I had to let it go because my music meant more to me. With this new job I wouldn't have been able to gig as much let alone tour. Tutoring would go out of the window; it would have basically become my life. But I already have a life, and I already have a calling. It was weird and honestly I spent the whole evening in tears at the realisation that I couldn't stay. Friday came and I had to let them know (how embarrassing) but I also had band practice. Luckily I have a good friend in my Johnny Cash as he knows a head case when he sees it and clearly my mind was on other things. He drove me up, we got it done and he said "well you're still young, this is growing up" which gave me an immediate flashback to the blink 182 song (that I adore), 'Dammit' with the refrain I guess this is growing up. Yup!

So I realised I've waffled on now for quite sometime but I wanted you to get a feel for what's been going on and what's to come :) Album-wise all is recorded I'm just waiting on the mixes. Instrument-wise, I bought a Ukulele (shout out to Thomas Richards, yes it's because of your cover of Barefoot & Kissing). Gig-wise lots coming up in the fall starting with our Johnny Cash Tribute act at the Plough in Torrington (more dates to come). So yeah... it's a time of change but I maintain a good one!

Take care and stay cool in this crazy heat wave!

Rose xxx